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Best Actor – Tom Wilkinson, “In the Bedroom”

Film: In the Bedroom

Previous wins for role: New York Film Critics Circle

Previous Oscar wins/nominations:None

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Character bio: Tom Wilkinson plays Sissy Spacek’s husband. They are a happy couple whose only son is engaged in an affair with a sexy older woman who is married to an abusive and violent man. His transformation from loving husband and doting father to an obsessed and grieving man is a marvel to watch.

Oscar odds: Wilkinson’s performance, which ranges from rage to hopelessness, rings true and it’s easy to see why Wilkinson was nominated for an Academy Award. The fact that the film is not visually stunning draws even more emphasis towards the acting. If In the Bedroom takes home anything at this year’s Oscars, it could be for this. —Guylaine Cadorette

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