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Beverly Hills Cop actor Gil Hill dies

Beverly Hills Cop actor Gil Hill has died, aged 84.
Hill passed away in Detroit, Michigan on Monday (29Feb16), following a battle with pneumonia.
The real-life police officer was best known for his role as Inspector Todd in the beloved cop franchise, playing the short-tempered boss of comedian Eddie Murphy’s wise-cracking Axel Foley. Hill appeared in the first three films – the only acting credits to his name.
Prior to his screen work in the Beverly Hills Cop films, he worked for the United States Air Force, before making the move into police work, joining the Wayne County Sheriff’s Department in 1957. He then joined the Detroit Police Department in 1959, starting as a detective before later being promoted to Inspector of the Homicide Division. He retired as commander and then turned to politics, and was elected to the Detroit City Council in 1989.
In 2001, he unsuccessfully ran for Mayor of Detroit against controversial politician Kwame Kilpatrick, who later resigned from the post and is currently behind bars for mail fraud, wire fraud, and racketeering.

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