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Big Freedia charged over housing welfare

Entertainer Big Freedia has been charged with the theft of U.S. Government funds.
The musician and reality TV star, real name Freddie Ross, illegally took money from the Department of Housing and Urban Development between 2010 and 2014, according to the U.S. attorney’s office in New Orleans, Louisiana.
Ross, who prefers to be referred to as “she”, was on subsidised housing for years before her career took off, and had continued to receive the housing vouchers although her finances had changed, according to the Associated Press.
After she was charged on Tuesday (01Mar16), Ross explained the “incredibly unfortunate” situation in a statement, saying, “I quickly found myself in a new economic structure and, frankly, knew little about how to handle my money. It wasn’t until recently (after I had stopped receiving housing vouchers) that it became very clear I had received assistance to which I wasn’t entitled.”
She says it was “an oversight” and is cooperating with the federal government. She owes around $34,000 (£24,000) in restitution.
Ross is scheduled to appear in court on 16 March (16).

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