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Bill Cosby’s accuser files motion to unseal secretive lawsuit

Bill Cosby’s leading sexual assault accuser Andrea Constand has filed a motion to unseal the comedian’s latest secretive lawsuit against her.
The Cosby Show star faces an aggravated indecent assault charge for allegedly drugging and sexually assaulting the former Temple University employee at his Pennsylvania home in 2004.
Last week (ends19Feb16), a judge shot down the embattled comedian’s attempt to appeal the case, which would have delayed the trial and Cosby’s lawyers subsequently launched a new lawsuit against Constand.
According to legal documents, Cosby filed a complaint against Constand and bosses at American Media, Inc., the publisher of the National Enquirer, a day before a key hearing in the criminal case.
The papers were filed under the cloak of seal, but reports the suit is linked to the civil settlement Constand and Cosby reached in 2006.
Constand has now responded to the lawsuit and wants to put an end to Cosby’s “bullying tactics” by having the legal documents unsealed. She also is seeking to have the confidentiality agreement from the 2006 civil case voided.
“Cosby has used the agreement as a means to intimidate witnesses, to conduct a media blitz in an attempt to sway public opinion while silencing those most knowledgeable about his claims, and to engage in conduct evidenced by the Motion before the Court,” the legal papers read.
Constand goes on to accuse the 78-year-old of using his celebrity status and money as scare tactics against witnesses and his accusers.
“Cosby seeks to create a shadow court system where he is free to make diametrically opposing assertions under the guise of confidentiality and motions to seal,” the legal papers read. “Because he has money and power and celebrity status, Cosby is no less a citizen subject to the jurisdiction of the Courts.
“Neither Andrea Constand nor her mother, Gianna Constand, possess any of those attributes. The only protection available to them is for the Court to shield them from the bullying tactics of Cosby.”
“It is patently obvious, that the suit was motivated by Cosby’s desire to intimidate the witnesses against him,” the motion continues. “This misuse of the agreement cannot be condoned by the Court and the only recourse available to the Constand Defendants at this stage of the proceedings is a finding that Cosby has forfeited any confidentiality conferred upon him by the agreement.”
The motion comes as Cosby’s wife Camille testified for the first time under oath about multiple sex assault allegations filed against her husband in a defamation suit. Seven women filed papers in a Massachusetts federal court accusing the comedian of calling them liars after alleging he drugged and/or raped or sexually assaulted them in decades-old incidents.
Cosby has been accused of rape, drugging, and performing inappropriate sex acts by over 50 women in the past 18 months. The comic, who has never been charged in relation to any of the incidents, maintains he is innocent.

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