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Bill Pullman ‘haunted’ by The Sinner’s psychiatric institution scenes

Bill Pullman was “haunted” shooting the second season of The Sinner, because aspects of the storyline were so similar to his own upbringing.
The 65-year-old plays Detective Harry Ambrose in the hit U.S. TV series, with the new series focusing on him trying to solve a double murder in his hometown of Keller in Upstate New York.
Several of the scenes were shot in a psychiatric institution, and Bill admitted during an interview with People he found the parallels between the plot of the show and his own childhood spooky.
“My mother had psychiatric illnesses and that was one of the ways that it was close to my life,” he mused. “And doing these scenes where Ambrose goes to the psychiatric institution to investigate something, where his mother was, and going back and forth in time to when he was 10 years old to now, all that’s in the second season. That was really haunting to shoot – even the locations, I was like, ‘This is so close to the institution she was in.’
“It was not intentional, it was just somehow being in upstate New York, and (made of) brick, and the same kind of hallways.”
Bill also revealed he was worried about how his siblings would take the storyline.
“I was thinking that when it aired my brothers and sisters would go, ‘Why are you telling the world?’ Because when you have something like that, when damaging things happen to you when you’re young because there’s an illness or something, you don’t speak of these things… no-one knew what was going on in our house.”
But fortunately, his brothers and sisters didn’t link the plot to their mother, as Bill added: “No-one mentioned it, none of my brothers and sisters mentioned it – they saw it as part of the story, they didn’t really relate it – so I was off the hook!”

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