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Billy Crystal watched When Harry Met Sally ‘orgasm scene’ with Princess Diana

Billy Crystal has recalled watching the iconic ‘orgasm scene’ from When Harry Met Sally in the presence of British royal Princess Diana.
On Thursday (11Apr19), Crystal was reunited with his co-star Meg Ryan as they celebrated the 30th anniversary of the Rob Reiner-directed romcom at the 2019 TCM Classic Film Festival in Los Angeles.
In a chat with Entertainment Tonight on the red carpet, he shared some of his memories of his time making the film, including a London screening of the movie attended by the late Princess Diana in 1989.
“She took your breath away when she got out of the car, and she couldn’t have been more beautiful, more positive, so young and so vital,” Crystal smiled.
The 71-year-old actor added that he and Ryan were seated on either side of the royal, and while many people in the audience knew about the orgasm scene – in which Ryan’s character, Sally Albright, proves to Crystal’s Harry Burns that she could believably fake an orgasm by loudly pretending to have one in the middle of a busy New York City diner – Crystal was sure that the Princess did not.
“So we were in the balcony, in the front row of the balcony in Leicester Square (cinema), and everybody in the orchestra, when the scene started, shifted their weight and turned around to see how she was gonna react,” he remembered, adding that Princess Diana, found it as funny as everyone else and ended up laughing at the famously risque scene. “It was awesome.”
The actor also shared his thoughts on the trend of rebooting classic projects, but insisted that he didn’t think the much-loved movie will ever get the reboot treatment or a sequel.
“We talked about that for years and years and years,” he explained. “And for those of us who believe in happily ever after, that’s where they are and that’s where they should be.”

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