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Billy Ray Cyrus: ‘My daughter Noah pushed me to make Tulsa Time remix’

Singer Billy Ray Cyrus credits his daughter Noah with convincing him to record a dance remix of country legend Don Williams’ Tulsa Time.
The track features on Billy Ray’s new album Set the Record Straight, and he reveals Noah Cyrus pushed him to make it after Williams passed away in September (17) following a short illness.
“(Noah) was the one that hung in there with it and said, ‘Dad, I just love that dance mix of Tulsa Time,'” he told TheBoot.com. “She… was locked into performing it with me on the record before the legend Don Williams passed away, and the day that he passed away, Noah sent me a text that said, ‘Daddy, I’m so sorry about your friend… We have to do (Tulsa Time) in his honour,’ and here we are.”
The album also features a more traditional cover of Tulsa Time with Aerosmith’s Joe Perry, and Billy Ray jokes the track would have been perfect with just Noah and the guitarist performing on it.
“This is Noah Cyrus with the legend, the rock ‘n’ roll premiere guitarist of the world, Joe Perry,” he said. “It’s Noah and Joe Perry together, and it is blistering. I hate to say it, but, boy, I got something really special here, man. Noah and Joe Perry. They don’t even need me – like, I don’t even need to be in the mix… I just use myself as a little bit of humour in the background.”
Williams originally released Tulsa Time in 1978, while Eric Clapton also recorded his take on the tune later that year for his album Backless. A live version for Clapton’s Just One Night record also became a hit in 1980.

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