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Bjork slams critics for giving ‘genius’ Arca the credit for her album

Bjork complains people do not take her seriously as a songwriter, arranger and producer.
The quirky singer rose to prominence as part of band The Sugarcubes, then launched a successful solo career with hits including as It’s Oh So Quiet and Play Dead. Bjork worked with electronic wunderkind Arca, real name Alejandro Ghersi, who’s produced beats for Kanye West and FKA Twigs, on her album Vulnicura. The 2015 recording captured the end of her 13-year relationship with Matthew Barney in 2013, but she complains more attention was given to her collaborator than the effort she herself put into the record.
“The woman is allowed to be the voice and the soul and the emotive creature – and the guy is the creator and the maker and the genius,” the Joga singer sighed to Britain’s Evening Standard newspaper. “I thought it was a cliche. If someone told me that as a teenager, I would yawn and go ‘Boring!’ But it is interesting, after all the stuff I’ve done, that it still hasn’t changed that much…
“It’s always like I’m this esoteric creature; that I just turn up and sing and go home. People still don’t seem to take me seriously as a songwriter and arranger and producer.”
Despite her disappointment in the industry’s static gender politics, the veteran singer and producer has cemented her name as one of the most original artists of her generation. Initially the Icelandic star embraced the limelight, attending exclusive parties and enjoying the perks of fame however, she reveals she soon tired of it.
“I felt very blessed with being invited to all the A-list parties so that I could try it for a year and know that there is nothing to miss. It’s not what it looks like,” she confessed. “They’re really boring. Everyone is standing there frozen and you can’t move, you can’t get p**sed. Most importantly, the music is terrible at those parties.”

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