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Blake Shelton learning to ignore critics

Blake Shelton is learning to pay no mind to critics online.
The 39-year-old country music star is very active on Twitter, and in the past, he found it necessary to defend himself on the micro-blogging platform against rumours and other forms of negativity.
However, going on the defence no longer interests him, as he is more committed to keeping his Twitter page filled with positivity.
“The last couple of years, year and a half, I kinda had to dial it back a little bit,” he said while laughing during an interview on Sirius XM radio show Music Row Happy Hour. “At first it was fun for me to get on there – I don’t know that anybody has as many haters out there as I do, at least in the country music world – I think that’s what was fun about Twitter for me, to get down there and be like ‘oh, really,’ and just fire back at ’em.
“Next thing I know, that became a popular thing for people to look at on my Twitter page, just me firing back at the booger-eaters out there. After a while … I just decided, man, I can’t get worked up over this stuff anymore.”
The Drink On It hitmaker is more focused on the good things in life right now, especially since becoming romantically involved with pop star Gwen Stefani.
The Voice U.S. co-stars announced they were dating in November (15) and recent reports suggest they’re completely enamoured with each other.
“For now, they seem happy with their relationship, but Blake is old-fashioned and a future engagement seems very possible,” a friend of the blonde beauty recently told People magazine. “Gwen thinks of Blake as the biggest blessing.”

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