Blondie hoping to stage free street concert during Cuba visit

Blondie are hoping to stage a free street concert during their upcoming four-day cultural exchange in Cuba.
Debbie Harry and her band are heading to Havana for a series of events and concerts, and the singer is hoping to host something special for fans who haven’t been able to get tickets for shows.
“My dearest wish is that we can do a free concert at some point in Cuba on this trip,” Harry tells Billboard. “I want to invite a regular street audience to come in for one of the soundchecks. I know that if people have spent money for a ticket, they’re not going to be happy that we’re giving something away for free, but I feel like it would be a good thing to do.”
Debbie is also planning to revamp some old tunes for the shows, including a forgotten Spanish-language version of Call Me, which was a hit in South America.
“We’re talking about bringing back Attack of the Giant Ants, which was one of the very early Blondie versions of a Latin feel…,” she explains, “and I once did a Spanish version of Call Me years ago, Llamame, which was very fun to do and was actually a hit in South America. So I would love to do that.”
Blondie’s cultural exchange trip to Cuba will take place next month (Mar19).