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Bobby Cannavale kicked out of Catholic school as a teenager

Actor Bobby Cannavale was kicked out of Catholic school in his first year of middle school after manhandling a nun.
The Boardwalk Empire star, who is currently leading the cast of Mick Jagger’s new TV drama Vinyl, grew tired of being physically disciplined by his teacher and when his frustrations reached a peak, he reacted without thinking about the consequences.
“I got kicked out of Catholic school in the seventh grade,” he told U.S. late night host Seth Meyers. “I loved being part of the Catholic church… I just didn’t like that the nuns used to teach us… They just weren’t very nice to me…
“Sister Joanna used to hit me all the time and she was little and finally I had a growth spurt in the seventh grade and she would pick me up by the ear and we had these coat closets and she would pull you out of the chair (by the ear), so the kids couldn’t see you and I had it… and I picked her up and put her on the hook and I was done.”
After his time in Catholic school, Cannavale moved to Puerto Rico at the age of 13, following his parent’s divorce. He later returned to the U.S. and graduated from Coconut Creek High School in New Jersey in the 1980s.

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