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Bono considers taking up slide guitar

U2 rocker Bono is considering taking slide guitar lessons because a biking injury has left him unable to play standing up.
The One singer was fitted with a titanium elbow after shattering bones in a bicycle fall in New York City in late 2014, which also left him with fractures to his left eye socket, and shoulder blade.
He spent months in recovery and was told he may never be able to play the guitar again, writing on his band’s website: “Recovery has been more difficult than I thought. As I write this, it is not clear that I will ever play guitar again.”
But Bono has persevered and he now admits he can still play – if he’s sitting down.
“I can play sitting down if the neck is pointing up in the air, and I can play with three fingers standing up,” Bono tells Rolling Stone. “Dallas Schoo, (bandmate) Edge’s guitar tech, is encouraging me to pick up slide guitar.”
Asked if he misses playing the guitar, he adds, “The band certainly doesn’t miss it. They don’t have much time for my guitar playing. I can play at home, but it just looks awkward. I don’t think it’s a necessity.”
Back in 2015, Bono wrote: “My bandmates have reminded me that neither they nor Western civilization are depending on this (but) I personally would very much miss fingering the frets of my green Irish falcon or my… Gretsch, just for the pleasure, aside from writing tunes.”

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