Bono is a low-rolling gambler

Multi-millionaire rock star Bono always demands the “cheapest” table in a casino and sets a $125 (£78) limit on wagers for himself and all his pals. The U2 frontman loves to take his chances at roulette and blackjack but always keeps his bets small, and he insists everyone else in his party follows suit.
The rocker is happy to pick up the tab for himself and his pals providing they stick to the $125 cap – even if it is the world’s richest man, Bill Gates.
During a feature for Mojo magazine, the band visited a casino in Monte Carlo, Monaco and the singer was heard asking a pit boss, “Can you show us the way to the cheapest table?”
Delighted drummer Larry Mullen, Jr. then told the journalist, “The cheapest table! You know when bands say, ‘If you put that in the piece, I’ll f**king kill you’? Well, if you don’t put that in the piece I’ll f**king kill you.”
Bono then confirmed his bizarre $125 limit on all in his party, telling the publication, “It was the same for Bill Gates when he was here. I gave him an envelope and he opens it and there’s 100 Euros. It was like, ‘What do I do with this?'”