Boyle afraid of Olympic responsibility

The Trainspotting filmmaker didn’t hesitate when he was approached to helm the project, but admits he now faces “one of the most frightening things” he’s ever had to deal with.

He now feels the mounting pressure to come up with a spectacular show to rival the display which opened the Games at Beijing, China in 2008, where his “childhood hero”, Led Zeppelin rocker Jimmy Page, played for the crowd.

And Boyle, who hails from Lancashire, England, is hoping to make his fellow countrymen proud.

He tells Britain’s Sunday Times, “I didn’t even sleep on it. I just said, ‘I’ll do it!’ (But) the British are difficult to please.”

The director has been busy reading poems about London for inspiration, and is already planning to use the 80,000 spectators in the arena as part of his show.

He adds, “There’ll be expensive toys and a sound system but, when you think about it, something like the Mexican wave is amazing, isn’t it? That’s just using people in the stadium… They’ll have their voices and their feet, although it’s a concrete floor so they might not make much of an impression. But they can clap.”