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Brand hands cash to disaster fund

The funnyman handed over a substantial sum of money to the Hillsborough Family Support Group after being moved to tears by a member’s speech at a memorial service earlier this year (10).

The campaigning organisation provides help for families who lost loved ones in the 1989 Hillsborough Disaster – a horrific crush at a soccer ground in Sheffield, England that left 96 fans of Liverpool Football Club dead and dozens more injured.

And Brand was so touched by the relatives’ suffering 21 years on, he contacted the group’s chairwoman Margaret Aspinall – who lost her son James in the disaster – to offer his support.

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She says, “It really came out of the blue. He sent me a letter, which was lovely, and said he would like to meet me. He mentioned the group on a… radio interview and said he had watched me speak and it was very moving.

“He said he loves Liverpool and thinks the work we are doing is very good. It was very nice of him – he did not have to do it. I will not disclose how much he gave us, but it was a generous donation.”

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