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Brian May furious with Instagram copyright ban

Queen rocker Brian May has slammed a photographer for getting him temporarily banned from Instagram over a copyright violation.
The 70-year-old guitarist revealed that his account on the photo sharing site was suspended after a complaint by a woman named Barbara over his use of a photograph of himself performing.
“Well this is what I woke up to. How RUDE ! I’m usually very careful to credit anyone whose photos I post – but in this case, at the end of the day, I must have forgotten,” he wrote in an Instagram post after reactivating his account.
In his post, Brian included an image of the message he received from Instagram bosses, which stated his account had been disabled due to a third party copyright complaint.
Naming the complainant, he added that she should have just written to him asking for credit, and that he felt “violated” by the incident and had to contact Instagram support staff to resolve the issue.
He added: “What an incredibly unfriendly act from you, Barbara! You not only took my picture and are evidently exploiting my image, and making money off me without so much as a ‘by your leave’ – but you actually stop me using a picture of myself! What a crazy world we live in these days.”
Brian also threatened to ban the photographer from future Queen gigs. The band, who are currently fronted by Adam Lambert, are in the middle of a tour of Europe.

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