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Brian McKnight ‘owes money to tax authorities’

Singer Brian McKnight has been hit with a tax lien against his California house, according to a U.S. report.
The Back at One singer has been battling bad finances for more than a decade, and had previously blamed his debt situation on a lousy accountant.
According to documents filed by America’s Internal Revenue Service (IRS), tax officials set up a plan to help McKnight pay off his debts in 2010, but he stopped making instalments in 2011.
They are now imposing a lien against his Southern California home to secure payment of $340,000 (£241,000). They had reportedly warned him years before that his property could be vulnerable if he did not settle his debts, reports TMZ.com.
In 2014, McKnight sued his former accountant for allegedly ruining his financial situation and credit. He also claimed his music royalties had been frozen and his driving licence had been suspended.

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