Brie Larson Endured the Best and Worst of Hollywood as She Filmed Kong: Skull Island


Actress Brie Larson felt like Cinderella during the 2016 awards season, because she went from unwashed hair and dirty fingernails to becoming the belle of the ball.

She was filming Kong: Skull Island around last year’s Academy Awards, when she picked up a Best Actress Oscar for her work in Room, and Brie went from being a banged-up action film heroine to a golden girl overnight.

“It was kind of like the moment in Cinderella where she’s in the gown running and it’s falling away and the carriage turns into a pumpkin,” Brie tells WENN, giggling about dashing back to work after weekends spent on Hollywood red carpets.

“I’d spend my week shooting this film, where my whole routine for getting ready was not washing my hair, putting dirt under my fingernails and getting covered in cuts and bruises. Then, when I’d go back on the weekends, it was getting the dirt scrubbed out of my fingernails and wiping off remnants of weird caked-on blood and trying to squeeze my feet into heels when I was wearing boots and rolling around in the dirt.”

Reality came screaming back as soon as her Oscars night was over, because she had to fly back to the chill of the jungle set of the new King Kong movie.

“It was freezing and it was raining and I was wearing a tank top,” she recalls. “I felt like I was going to get the flu. I was carrying so many supplements. I had my suitcase and another suitcase with vitamins, because I was so afraid of getting sick.”

She got so worried about her health at one point she ran out of probiotics and had to ask her sick co-star John Goodman for some of his.

He adds, “I got pneumonia. It was like survival mode: ‘Let’s get through this!’ It could be stressful but I think we made the best of it.”


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