Brie Larson Served as Entertainment Officer on ‘Kong: Skull Island’ Shoot


Actress Brie Larson served double duty on the set of Kong: Skull Island after taking on the role of entertainment officer to organize cast activities at weekends.

The Oscar winner portrays photojournalist Mason Weaver in the monster movie, starring alongside Tom Hiddleston, Samuel L. Jackson, and John Goodman, among others, and production on the film took the cast and crew to Vietnam, Hawaii, and Australia.

Brie decided to appoint herself head of weekend get-togethers while on location, and set about organizing various “silly” group outings for everyone to let loose.

“I started these things called ‘Brie-kends’, where I would plan little excursions on the weekends,” she shared on Today. “So we did go-karting, karaoke… we closed down this place called called Movie World, this local theme park in Australia. We got to have the whole place to ourselves!

“We (also) rode these things called Animalls, these electric scooter animals, through a mall; anything that was silly.”

The off-set bonding sessions really helped the stars relax while in Vietnam, because shooting in the middle of the jungle meant they weren’t afforded the little luxuries actors are used to on usual Hollywood sets.

“Usually with sets, the whole thing about them is it’s imaginary and kind of all made up, and there’s obviously a huge aspect of this that is made up,” she explained, “but the real locations really added something beautiful and we were back in the land, back in nature again.

“We started filming when the sun came up; we’d stop shooting when the sun went down. We’re shooting so deep in the jungle there’s no trailer to go back to; you’re just under a tent with your castmates taking in the land. It’s beautiful.”

In addition to a great shooting experience, Brie also went home with real photo keepsakes of her adventures.

She said, “I’d taken a film class in high school, so I learned how to take photos and develop my own film, and so with every character you play, it kinda reminds you of another piece of yourself that you’d forgotten about or left behind, and so for me with this, it was photos.

“I brought my camera, I used an ’81 programmed camera, and took photos on the set the full time, and made sure that every shot that (her character) Mason took, I took a real photograph of.”

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