Brittany Snow to make feature directorial debut

Brittany Snow will make her feature directorial debut next year (19).
The Pitch Perfect actress recently directed her first movie, a short film titled Milkshake, and now she is ready to take on a full-length project, which she will helm, produce, and star in. She has also co-written the script for the project, which will begin production in February.
“It’s about a personal experience that happened with me and a best friend of mine,” she tells The Hollywood Reporter. “So it’s a really personal story for me, and I will be acting in it as well, which is terrifying. But it will be interesting to be able to direct, star in and produce, and really just try not to have a nervous breakdown. If I can get through that, I can do anything.”
Snow is currently completing the script and will be casting the feature in the near future.
“We are completing the draft and going back and forth with casting, and just starting from the very ground elements of it now, which is really fun,” she adds. “But, because I’m in it and directing it, the process of making sure the script is perfect has been really tedious – but also really inspiring.”
And she hopes to be able to create more films in the future, because she likes to be involved with the whole process of moviemaking.
“I feel like my creative side sometimes really likes to be around the entire process, with producing, directing, writing and really getting in there – and, also, I love acting so much,” she says. “But I think, as I get older, I’m a little bit more picky about what I want to do. And if I can create in the meantime, then it’s really fun to be able to know that’s the reason I want to do this.”