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Brolin was a hellraising surf gang member in his teens

The W star was a member of notorious California surf gang the Cito Rats as a teen and his wild ways drove his mum crazy.

Looking back, he’s convinced his mother did the right thing because most of his tough guy pals are now dead.

He tells Playboy magazine, “They were the inpenetrable group that you always hoped for, romanticised, wished for when you were a kid. But the dysfunction was on a massive scale.”

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During his time with the Cito Rats, Brolin served jail time for “just doing s**t, never for anything horrible,” and it all became too much for his mum, who was trying to bring up her son alone after splitting from James Brolin.

The actor recalls, “I got sent down to live with my father and ended up on a couch in his place. I got situated in school and got a job cooking in a restaurant.”

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