Brooke Shields keeping original Calvin Klein jeans for her daughters


Brooke Shields has kept her original Calvin Klein ad jeans and intends to pass them down to her daughters.

The model and actress wore the jeans in a commercial for the fashion brand in 1980, and has kept them stored in her basement with other famous outfits ever since.

“I have an entire basement filled with archive pieces I’ll no longer wear,” she tells “I have my original Calvins. I have the outfit that I wore to (New York hotspot) Studio 54.”

Brooke insists that many of the pieces are “stunningly beautiful” and she can’t wait for daughters, Rowan, 14, and 11-year-old Grier to take their pick.

“The interesting thing is that my two girls have completely different aesthetics. One of them is going to want to wear them, the other is not,” the 52-year-old predicts. “They’ll figure it out and they can do with them what they want.”

However, not everything in Brooke’s basement is a prized possession: “I had a bedazzled ’80s jean jacket that was stone-washed that my mother had had completely decked-out and bedazzled in everything Wham! and George Michael,” she shares, “and I wore it to meet him the first time at a concert, thinking that that would show my devotion to him and Wham! Looking back now it was a little excessive with the shoulder pads.”