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Brooklyn Decker contemplating breast milk facial

Pregnant model-turned-actress Brooklyn Decker is considering giving herself a breast milk facial once she gives birth to her second child.
The Battleship star is intrigued by the beauty benefits a mother’s milk is rumoured to have on the skin, and she is thinking of giving it a go once she gives birth to her daughter, a sibling for her two-year-old son Hank with her husband, retired tennis ace Andy Roddick.
“(I heard that) breast milk is good for the face,” she told Us Weekly magazine. “I heard it’s a cure-all and it gets rid of zits and under eye circles.
“I was a little too scared to try it the first time around, but I might steal a little milk from this baby and see what happens.”
Brooklyn’s beauty plans aren’t as strange as fans may think, as scientists have previously noted that lauric acid in breast milk has been found to have acne-fighting qualities, while the substance also boasts vitamins A, B6, and D, which can all help with skin health.
The star, who announced her second pregnancy in July (17), could do with a little pick-me-up at present after falling ill on Monday (30Oct17).
Brooklyn took to Instagram to share a photo of her make-up free face while she was feeling sick and bloated, before mustering the energy to get red carpet-ready to make an appearance at her husband’s charity gala in Austin, Texas.
“From puking in a bucket today (caught my toddler’s virus, or maybe ate something bad, TBD (to be decided)) to getting TURNT (excited) for @thearfoundation tonight, this mom knows how to party,” she captioned the side-by-side images.
She then added, “Just kidding. I felt like s**t and had to go home after 45 min (sic), but I’m really into the before and after shots of this evening”.

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