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Bruce Springsteen dances onstage with fan, 91

Bruce Springsteen strutted his stuff onstage with a 91-year-old grandmother to his hit song Dancing in the Dark.
A new video shows the 66-year-old rocker, better known as The Boss, sweetly twirling elderly fan Jeannie Heintz, around the stage in Saint Paul, Minnesota, on Monday night (29Feb16).
The dance was a reprise of the famous scene from the singer’s hit song released in 1999, where he was seen dancing onstage with a young woman which was later revealed to be Friends actress Courteney Cox. Thankfully the dance was at a somewhat slower pace than his original moves.
A still energetic Springsteen plucked Jeannie from the audience during the saxophone solo in Dancing in the Dark. The crowd roared their approval cheering the pair on, before Jeannie became the envy of Springsteen’s fans when she was treated to a hug.
This isn’t the first time the grandma has met the singer. They danced together seven years ago in Des Moines, Iowa.
The Born in the USA singer is well known for his love of crowd interaction. Last month he helped an 89-year-old celebrate her birthday in Toronto, Canada.
Springsteen and the E Street Band will hit the UK this summer, playing gigs in London, Manchester, Glasgow and Coventry as part of his The River Tour.
He promised fans a richer experience than his previous tours because he now has so much material to draw from
“That shared history you have with people makes the night very full, very beautiful,” he told Rolling Stone Magazine.

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