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Bruce Springsteen signs absence note for student who attended his gig

Bruce Springsteen signed a note of absence for a student after his show ran for a record four hours three minutes.
The 67-year-old rocker has just wrapped the second U.S. leg of his The River Tour 2016 and will be flying out to Australia in January (17) to continue his gigs. He’s also been promoting his autobiography Born To Run by holding meet-and-greets for fans. One youngster, Michael Fenerty, attended Springsteen’s show, which typically overran, with his teacher-turned-lawyer dad Mike. The show took place on 7 September (16) at Citizens Bank Park, and the Michael’s first day at school happened to be the next morning.
“It was the first day of school for the fifth grade at Masterman, and of course Bruce played his longest show,” Mike explained to the Philadelphia Inquirer. “As a fan I loved it; as a parent I hated it. I wanted to kill him!”
After being told by the school beforehand that the only way they could get away with Michael being absent or late was to get a signed letter from Springsteen himself, the father and son attended a meet and greet at the Central Library of the Free Library of Philadelphia afterwards.
Luckily Michael had a pen and paper in his pocket for the school, as Mike recalled: “My son said, ‘Bruce, would you sign my absence note?’ (Springsteen) lit up. He was affectionate toward Michael as soon as he saw him. He said, ‘I have to read it first, that’s how I got in trouble with my first contract… I hope you don’t get in trouble.’ My son was very starstruck – it was a very cool experience.”
The note reads: ‘Dear Principal Brown, Please excuse Michael Fenerty for being so late or absent from school today. He came to the Free Library to meet me and get a copy of my book. Thanks!”, complete with a signature at the bottom. The principal got a photocopy of the treasured note.

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