Bruce Willis to play Mike Tyson’s trainer in new film


Bruce Willis has signed on to portray former U.S. boxing champion Mike Tyson’s trainer in a new biopic.

The Die Hard star will play Cus D’Amato in Cornerman, which will centre on the legendary trainer’s father-son relationship with the troubled young fighter, who he discovered at the age of 13 in New York in the 1980s. Tyson’s role has yet to be cast.

Homeland actor Rupert Friend will make his directorial debut on the project, which is slated to start filming in the autumn (18), according to Variety.

“Ultimately, this is a story about a deep love between two ferocious talents, each brave enough to admit their fears to the other, and so spur one another to greatness,” a statement from Friend reads. “It is a story about fighting for what you believe in, and a film that will make you question what strength really is.”

This isn’t the only Tyson film in development – Academy Award winner Jamie Foxx is set to portray the former heavyweight champion in another planned biopic.

“It”s on, as of right now,” Tyson told The Sun last year (17). “Jamie Foxx has signed on for it. Filming hasn’t started yet but it’s going to happen.”

Reports previously suggested Martin Scorsese was in talks to direct, but it is unclear if he still involved with the project or when it will go into production. However, Tyson has revealed the film will cover every aspect of his life, including a rape conviction and the Evander Holyfield fight, during which he nibbled off a piece of his opponent’s ear.

“A lot of people aren’t going to like the things I’ve done in my life,” he said.