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Bryan Cranston convinced he’s capable of murder

Actor Bryan Cranston once fantasised about murdering an ex-girlfriend who had allegedly stalked him and threatened his life.
The Trumbo star recalls the gruesome dream in his new memoir, A Life In Parts, in which he confesses to wanting to smash actress Ava Gladstone’s head into a brick wall to put an end to the torment he reportedly suffered.
He claims the dark thoughts haunted him back in 1983, when he became paralysed with fear as his ex pounded on his front door.
“I was surprisingly calm,” Cranston writes of how he reacted in his fantasy, which he reveals was so life-like, he was convinced he had actually committed a crime. “Clumps of hair and bits of skin and brain matter stuck to the brick. Blood formed on the wall and then began dribbling to the floor. The screaming had stopped, of course.”
Cranston later channelled that killer fantasy for his acclaimed portrayal of Walter White in drug drama Breaking Bad, in which his character begins as a desperate science teacher who cooks meth as a way to make ends meet, before becoming a ruthless top drug lord.
And while he never did act on his murder wish, it left Cranston shaken, reports the New York Post, who obtained an excerpt of the book.
“Nothing happened in that apartment, but everything had changed. I understood clearly, without question, that I was capable of taking a life,” he continued. “I understood that, given the right pressures and circumstances, I was capable of anything. That was humbling. It shook me to my core.”

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