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Bryan Cranston: ‘Damian Lewis deserved Emmy’

The two actors were both nominated in the Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series category, but it was Lewis who took home the prestigious prize for his role in Homeland.

Well wishers tried to console Cranston by telling him he should have landed the Emmy, but he insists he was happy for Lewis, who he hails as “so terrific”.

Cranston tells Digital Spy, “Here’s something that I found to be upsetting – that people tend to want to pit us against each other, like it’s a competition and I see why they think like that, but I don’t truly see it that way. But people came up to me after Damian Lewis won the Emmy and said, ‘You got robbed, man, you got robbed’, and every time someone would say that it would feel like someone was accidentally stepping on my toe!

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“I understand the sentiment, that they’re trying to say, ‘Oh, sorry that you didn’t win.’ But it’s not enough to say that, they have to put down the other guy, and that kind of competition was uncomfortable to me. I know Damian and he’s so terrific, and he certainly deserves that kind of accolade and attention. It was his year. People expect you to be sad and it’s like, ‘No, I’m not upset, he’s terrific!’ But by saying ‘You got robbed’, it’s saying that he didn’t deserve it and that’s a little annoying to me.”

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