Busy Philipps’ talk show cancelled



Busy Philipps’ talk show has been canceled by U.S. TV network E!.

The 39-year-old actress broke the news to her fans in a lengthy video message shared on her Instagram Stories on Sunday night (May 5, 2019). Explaining that the network had opted not to pick up the program for any further episodes after the last one airs on 16 May, Busy added she’s trying to find another home for the show, which she has hosted since it premiered on October 28th last year.

“Here’s the thing, you guys. My show, Busy Tonight is not going to continue on E! after May 16th. They decided not to pick it up,” she began. “Look, we’re you know, meeting with people and seeing if there’s another place that makes sense for it to go. Because I would like to continue doing it. We would all like to figure out a way to continue to make (it).”

Adding that she feels she’s “accomplished so much” during the six months the show has been airing, Busy insisted she’s “so proud” of the series.

“I don’t know what to say. We’re definitely, we’ve talked to some people and we are trying to figure out if there’s a place that makes sense for our hows to go to, and hopefully we will be able to figure that out, you know I think we will. I have faith in me,” she mused. “I hope that you know we can continue to do the show somewhere else. I hope that we figure that out. Because it does seem lame that there would be just like just be one woman in late night at a time.”

Praising her creative staff, of which “89 percent” is female, former Dawson’s Creek star Busy promised her fans she will “obviously let you know what’s happening”.

Since the show premiered, Busy has interviewed famous faces including Tina Fey, Nina Dobrev, Mindy Kaling, and Khloe Kardashian.