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Cage TV broadcast sparks complaints

The actor assembled a TV crew at Glastonbury Abbey in south west England for a link-up to U.S. show Jimmy Kimmel Live to discuss the film earlier this year (10).

But several families living near the ancient site – believed to be the burial ground of legendary medieval British ruler King Arthur – objected to the promo shoot, because the movie is “full of sorcery and black magic”.

Now an official at the abbey has issued an apology to local residents and “anyone who was offended” by the late-night broadcast.

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Katherine Gorbing, director of Glastonbury Abbey, says, “We continue to take great care when considering activities… to ensure the abbey’s spiritual significance, its Christian heritage and rich history and traditions are respected.”

During the live link-up, Cage was filmed standing next to a spot believed to be Arthur’s grave, telling viewers the site is a “very magical and sacred” place.

And Gorbing is adamant the Hollywood star, who has a home near the town, “took great care to honour the dignity and spiritual sanctity of the abbey”.

She adds, “We wish everyone involved in activities at the abbey was as respectful.”

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