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Caine’s book mirrored 9/11 horror before it happened

The Dark Knight star admits he was left speechless when he realised he had unwittingly predicted the atrocity in his own story about an attack in his native London.

In an interview with Britain’s BBC Radio 4, he says, “I had this plot where terrorists fly a plane into a London skyscraper.

“Then they did it in real life. I was stunned by that, so I stopped writing.”

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Caine is now planning to pick up where he left off – so he can complete the fiction book, “a thriller about terrorism,” by the time he turns 80 in 2013.

But the British acting icon warns fans not to expect too high a standard: “It’ll be for guys. It won’t be a great literary effort.”

Caine releases his second autobiography, The Elephant to Hollywood, this week (begs27Sep10).

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