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Caitlyn Jenner: ‘I would be shocked if my children transitioned’

Caitlyn Jenner would be shocked if any of her children were transgender.
The gold medal-winning Olympian, formerly known as Bruce Jenner, revealed to the world she was now female with an iconic Vanity Fair cover in July, 2015.
Jenner changed her name to Caitlyn Marie, and revealed in her new memoir, The Secrets of My Life, she underwent gender assignment surgery in January (17).
Talking to FastForwardWeb.com on Friday (12May17), she admitted going through a transition in the public eye was not easy, and said it had been hard on her large family.
“When you do go through something like I’ve gone through in transitioning, and I have a large family, it’s not easy. It’s everybody in the family. It’s a process,” the 67-year-old said.
She also told a story about being asked how she would react if her 21-year-old supermodel daughter Kendall Jenner transitioned from female to male.
“I remember one time somebody came up and they said, ‘Oh my god, what if – okay, what if Kendall,’ my darling little girl, ‘came up and said that ‘I’m trans and I’m going to transition into a guy.’ My first reaction is ‘Oh my god.’ My little Kendall, my cute and adorable little girl?” she admitted.
“The initial shock of it was tough, but that’s what parents go through and I understand that. So it’s tough on everybody,” Jenner continued.
She went on to encourage parents to fully embrace their children, giving them as much support as they can during what can be a complicated and drawn-out transition.
“The thing is, from a parent’s standpoint, especially if a child is identifying as trans at a very young age, just love your child,” she told the website. “Love them, adore them, give them a great place to grow up that’s free and they can be themselves, and the kids will figure it out.”
Despite Caitlyn’s positive message to parents, there was some sad news released on Friday (12May17) about the after-effects of her choice of a new name. Bosses at U.S. agency Social Security released their annual list of the most popular baby names from 2016, along with a list of the names that have fallen most drastically in popularity.
The female moniker which faded fastest last year (16) is Caitlin, the most popular spelling of the name, which fell a record 542 places on the list to 1,151. The other names falling most were all variations of Caitlin with slightly different spellings – Caitlyn, Katelynn and Kaitlynn.
Industry observers were unsurprised. Laura Wattenberg, who founded website BabynameWizard.com, said on Friday: “It was inevitable. Caitlyn was already falling in popularity. Now it is suddenly controversial.”

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