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Cameron sexes up Avatar for re-release

The director’s record-breaking film will return to 3D theatres worldwide on Friday (27Aug10) for a limited-run, as Avatar: Special Edition.

And he’s sprinkled an extra nine minutes of footage throughout the computer-generated blockbuster, including a new sex scene between Sam Worthington’s character Jake Sully, and his Na’vi lover Neytiri, played by actress Zoe Saldana.

New shots of a schoolhouse run by Sigourney Weaver’s character Dr. Grace Augustine and the death of Na’vi clansman Tsu’tey will also be featured.

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But Cameron isn’t finished adding extra features to keep fans hooked – he will add another seven minutes of footage to a special-edition DVD scheduled for release in November (10).

He tells the New York Post, “It’s for those that don’t mind a movie that’s pushed to 257 minutes… it’s strictly for hyperfans.”

Avatar has earned $2.7 billion in box office revenue worldwide since its release last December (09), and has become the most successful film ever released.

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