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Camila Cabello: ‘Love bust-up killed my songwriting’

Former Fifth Harmony star Camila Cabello quit writing songs for six months after a love break-up left her devastated.
The singer admits she was in such a “dark place” she couldn’t function as a songwriter.
“I didn’t know how to confront my emotions and that’s kind of why I stopped songwriting,” the Bad Things star tells The Sun, “and I feel, like, after stopping for, like, six months honestly it was harder to pick it back up and write again.”
But creating new music became the one thing that pulled Cabello out of the darkness: “Music just became my saviour,” she adds. “It was really helping me reconnect with myself again and it was really helping me talk about what I was going through instead of just keeping it in.”
And there’s one new tune inspired by that time that she’s very keen for fans to hear.
“There’s one song in particular I’m really excited about,” she explains. “My favourites kind of change but there’s one song called I’ll Never Be The Same that I’m really excited about.
“I feel like it describes the loving and that was actually about a boy that was not good for me. But I actually got a good song out of it!”
And she’s hoping her own love life woes will help others struggling with hard times in their lives: “Hopefully there’s somebody who I can send my problems and dilemmas to, because God knows I need that too!”
The drama with her now-ex came months before she split from Fifth Harmony in December (16).

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