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Camilla Belle would never date a co-star

Actress Camilla Belle refuses to date a castmate because on-set romances are so “messy”.
The 10,000 B.C. star admits she always avoids dating at work, no matter how good looking her co-star is and what she feels about him.
She tells Hello! Fashion, “To date on set is an absolute mess. It’s so easy – you can be in a really romantic place and maybe your co-star happens to be good looking and you have chemistry and you’re staying at the same hotel and go out to dinner… and then, when you get back home, do you continue?
“I avoid it. I do my work and leave. If something develops afterwards, that’s a different story.”
Camilla has had some famous boyfriends and admits she’s still close to former beau Joe Jonas.
“When you’re doing different lines of work and can still keep that friendship and support each other, it’s really nice,” she tells the publication. “We have a history and we know each other really well. It’s definitely not always do-able (remaining friends with an ex), but when it works it’s really special.”

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