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Campbell calls for more black models

The outspoken beauty was reduced to tears on Tuesday (07Dec10) when she collected the Special Recognition Award at the British Fashion Awards in London, in honour of her 25-year modelling career.

But she used the event to speak up for young black models who claim they are being shunted aside in favour of white women.

Campbell tells London’s Evening Standard, “We’re all aware that we need to introduce more women (of colour). But what I’ve seen recently is that I’ve seen it go backwards slightly. We need to raise awareness again and need to start using women of colour more.

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“When I look at the shows this season, there weren’t as many as a year-and-a-half ago. We’ve got to keep speaking out, so as boring as it may be, if you hear me saying it over and over again I have to stand up for my fellow comrades (sic).

“It’s not for myself, but the younger girls who come up to me and say, ‘We didn’t get used this season, we didn’t do this, someone used 81 models and didn’t use one of us’. In that respect if they come up and talk to me, and I’m able to speak on their behalf, then I will.”

Campbell was backed up by Alexandra Shulman, the editor of British Vogue, who added: “I really admire Naomi for lobbying about the use of a models with a more varied ethnicity.”

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