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Cancer battle inspired Bruce Dickinson to write new memoir

Iron Maiden frontman Bruce Dickinson had little interest in writing an autobiography until he was diagnosed with cancer.
The Run to the Hills hitmaker underwent seven weeks of chemotherapy after discovering a cancerous tumour on his tongue in 2015.
“When I got done with it (the radiation treatment), finished, clear of it, I thought, ‘This is probably nature’s cattle prod to go (write a book),'” he tells Rolling Stone of what inspired him to pen his new memoir, What Does This Button Do?. “It’s (surviving cancer) actually not a bad end point for a book – not that I’m planning on checking out anytime soon. It’s the beginning of a whole new chapter of the rest of your life.”
Bruce, 59, is feeling more positive and present than ever after confronting death and reflecting on his mortality throughout his cancer battle.
“It (beating cancer) hasn’t changed my view of dying,” he explains. “Dying is absolutely inevitable, always has been, always will be, but it’s made me change my view about living, which is that it’s not the space between living and dying. Living is living now, every minute, every second, for right now.”
“Life is just a f**king amazing thing,” he adds. “That’s the little gift that it (cancer) gave me. That’s one of the reasons why when I wrote the book, I wasn’t going to write a s**tty negative book. My book was going to say, ‘Wow, isn’t life great?'”
Bruce’s autobiography What Does This Button Do? was released in October (17).

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