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Cardi B trying to set a better example for young women

Hip-hop star Cardi B is determined to be a better role model for young women who look up to her.
The Bodak Yellow hitmaker admits her devoted fan base has inspired her to alter the way she presents herself in the spotlight. Cardi, born Belcalis Almanzar, took to Instagram on Wednesday (01Nov17) to share her new perspective.
“I realized, after Halloween, a lot of little girls, they be looking up to me,” Cardi said in a video on the social media site. “They love me and I’m thinking to myself, like, ‘Yo, I really need to be a better example’.”
The Bronx, New York-born musician also shared her wish to be less provocative and tame her image, using the U.S. movie ratings system to express her view.”
She continued, “I’ve been trying to be more PG-13, less rated R. But I be hanging out with my hood rat friends and then they f**k me up all over again.”
Cardi ended the video on a hopeful note, vowing to be a positive influence on her young female fans.
The former Love & Hip-Hop castmate added, “I’m gonna change for you, little girls, because I deada** (truly) love ya.”

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