Carrie Fisher’s Family Doesn’t Want Her Dog in the Limelight


Carrie Fisher’s family is reportedly upset with her assistant for taking her beloved French bulldog Gary to promotional events.

The Star Wars actress passed away aged 60 last year (16) days after suffering a cardiac arrest on a flight from London to Los Angeles.

Carrie’s beloved French bulldog Gary had become something of a celebrity after he accompanied the movie icon on red carpets around the world, he even had his own Instagram account, @GaryFisher, and was expected to live with her daughter Billie Lourd after she died.

However, according to editors at TMZ, Carrie’s assistant, Corby McCoin took charge of Gary following the actress’ death and has wanted to have the dog appear at several Star Wars events over the past year, but Billie and the rest of the family are reportedly against and have blocked the attempts.

Billie and her father Bryan Lourd reportedly don’t want Gary to be a representation of Carrie because they feel it lessens her legacy. They also want McCoin to delete Gary’s Instagram account and have reportedly offered to pay $250-a-month, but he has declined the money.

Meanwhile earlier this month (Dec17), director Rian Johnson confirmed Gary appears as a little alien in Star Wars: The Last Jedi, which hits theaters on Friday (15Dec17). The film also stars Fisher and Lourd.