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Casey Affleck stunned by Woody Harrelson’s dedication to Triple 9 shoot

Casey Affleck was left horrified on Woody Harrelson’s first day of shooting new movie Triple 9 after the veteran actor crashed his car on set and continued to film with blood dripping down his face.
The co-stars portray police officers in the new crime drama and Casey reveals Woody caused a scene as soon as he arrived for the shoot in Atlanta, Georgia.
“Woody’s kind of a nut – he showed up and they (filmmakers) gave him a very easy scene just to start… the movie,” Casey explained on U.S. breakfast show Today.
“He’s supposed to come driving down the street, park his car, get out and walk up the steps to see me; fairly simple.
“Woody takes his first take, he comes racing down the street, he hits a tree, he jumps out the car, his head is bleeding and he runs up the path to me. I figured everyone would just like, descend (on him) and stop the cameras and lay Woody down for a minute, but Woody just carried on through the scene! It was like, ‘OK, I guess that’s how we’re gonna play it here.'”
Woody was such a professional, the awry shoot made it into the film’s final edit, much to Casey’s surprise.
Meanwhile, the Gone Baby Gone star admits portraying a cop on camera gave him a taste of just how stressful and tense working as a policeman can be after joining officers on duty.
“It was scary,” Casey told U.S. talk show host Stephen Colbert. “They can go from eight hours of tedium to suddenly going to a very stressful, scary situation, so there’s these big spikes of adrenaline, so it’s hard to go home at night, I think, for these guys, and it was for me, and I didn’t do anything but a couple of traffic stops, but I couldn’t sleep at night thinking about those tickets I was giving out!”

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