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Casey Affleck’s identity stolen by man in drag

Actor Casey Affleck once had his identity stolen by a man who liked to dress in drag.
The Gone Baby Gone star’s information was lifted via the Internet by an experienced hacker, but he was more surprised to learn how the cyber criminal was dressed when he was eventually caught by authorities.
“They get your information somehow off the good old Internet and it turned out it was somebody who had been doing this to a lot of people and had stolen a lot of money,” he told U.S. late night host James Corden on Thursday (25Feb16). “They found this guy on the roof of some building dressed as a woman. That’s how he was arrested, which made me think like, ‘While he was being me, was he dressed as a woman?’ Because why would he (be dressed like that)?”
However, the star took the crime in his stride, joking, “That was a tragedy for that person, I was like, ‘Take it’.”
Casey recently got the chance to experience life as a member of authority as research for his role as a police officer in crime drama Triple 9, but joining cops on duty made the 40-year-old realise just how stressful and tense the job can be.
“It was scary,” he told U.S. talk show presenter Stephen Colbert earlier this week (begs22Feb16). “They can go from eight hours of tedium to suddenly going to a very stressful, scary situation, so there’s these big spikes of adrenaline, so it’s hard to go home at night, I think, for these guys, and it was for me, and I didn’t do anything but a couple of traffic stops, but I couldn’t sleep at night thinking about those tickets I was giving out!”

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