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Cate Blanchett: My son can’t watch me act

Double Oscar-winner Cate Blanchett’s son walked out of the theatre during one of her plays.
The Australian actress was starring in her husband’s, playwright Andrew Upton, adaptation of Anton Chekhov’s Platonov, and took her young son Ignatius along to get a feel for what his parents do.
“Andrew had just done this wonderful reinvention of Platonov which he called The Present, which I was in,” she told Britain’s Sunday Telegraph newspaper.
“My seven-year-old wanted to go and see his dad’s writing. It was a matinee, and he sat up at the back with the usher, because Andrew had to take the other boys somewhere else. In the first act, there’s one point where I come and look down towards the audience, and I could see him waving madly back at the back.”
However, the youngster walked out of the theatre before the play’s interval.
“He didn’t make it through the first act!” she laughed. “They know you with baby vomit on your pyjamas and so to see you made up, pretending to be someone else, or in interview mode when you’re just trying to string a sentence together, they just think it is really weird. It makes them feel uncomfortable.”
If that wasn’t bad enough, her eldest son Dashiell, 14, has begun criticising her choice of film roles. “He asked when I was going to do a blockbuster, and I said, ‘Well, what’s The Lord of the Rings?’ and he said, ‘But you’re hardly in it!’ He gets worried about my career path.”
Last year (15) The Aviator star added to her brood, adopting baby girl Edith. Cate couldn’t be more proud of her family unit, and how they are developing.
“You must remember those Sunday afternoons when your parents are doing something, and you’re off in this whole other world. Watching that now, you feel you’re fostering this unit that will be there long after you’re gone. I find it very moving,” she smiled.

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