Cate Blanchett’s son disappointed by her brief appearance in Lord of the Rings


Cate Blanchett’s children complain she was only in The Lord Of The Rings: The Fellowship Of The Ring “for about 30 seconds”.

The Oscar-winning actress is mother to four children, sons Dashiell, 16, Roman, 14, Ignatius, 10, and adopted daughter Edith, four, with husband Andrew Upton.

She first appeared as the ethereal Lady Galadriel in the 2001 film, however, during an appearance on British talk show The Jonathan Ross Show, which airs on Saturday (08Sep18), the 49-year-old admitted one of her sons wasn’t especially impressed by her role as the Elvish royal in the epic fantasy trilogy, and urged her to aim higher.

“They do and they don’t (watch my films),” she told the chat show host. “My son gave me some great career advice a few years ago, he said, ‘Mom, when are you going to make a blockbuster?’

“I said, ‘I was in Lord of the Rings!’ And he said, ‘Yeah for about 30 seconds.’ So it didn’t really count. I had no brownie points with my children.”

The actress, who last year landed a starring role in Marvel movie Thor: Ragnarok. shared Jonathan’s sofa with Jack Black, her co-star in new Eli Roth movie The House With A Clock in Its Walls.

And the School of Rock star agreed that his sons are less than impressed with his onscreen roles.

“My boys, they actually prefer the work of Will Ferrell,” Jack sighed. “I think it’s natural that kids think that their parents are really uncool and embarrassing.”

The pair, who are both turning 50 next year, also discussed how they might celebrate their milestone birthdays.

“We are going to be 100 together! Maybe we should have a Tenacious D concert for my birthday? I would love that,” smiled Cate, before asking Jack to sing at her party.

The Jonathan Ross Show airs Saturday at 9.45pm on ITV.