Chaka Khan unveils wig collection

Chaka Khan is stepping into the beauty industry by releasing her own range of wigs.
The legendary singer, who is known for her big curls as well as her powerful voice, is ready to share her mane secrets with her fans with the introduction of the Chaka by Indique hair line.
“I figured at this time in my life, why not?” she told “There are little tricks of the trade. I think it’s time to share now.
“They used to call me ‘Lips, hips and hair’. That’s part of my persona.”
Khan, 66, has partnered with officials at Indique Hair, as well as her longtime stylist, George R. Fuller, to create the line, which launches with two wig styles called IKhanic Curl and IKhanic Straight.
Speaking about her natural mane, Khan said, “I came from Chicago. We were very Afro-centric. I think that was the beginning, I think, for me just doing big hair. I refused to go to the hairdressers and get my hair done. I said, ‘No’, I’ll just be what I am.”
However, Fuller eventually convinced the I’m Every Woman hitmaker to try something new.
“It used to take hours to do her hair, so I would say to her, ‘Why don’t you just let me get the hair pieces?'” recalled Fuller. “Her hair is thick. She has a lot of hair.”
Fuller added that Khan was “paranoid” when he first used hair extensions on her: “It took me to 2002, 2003 before she started getting comfortable with it. But it frees up a lot of your time.”
And now Khan can’t imagine life without them, adding, “Let me have my weave, my prized pieces, baby! Sometimes I see women and their hair pieces just aren’t right. I said let’s do this for women everywhere.”