Chance the Rapper tweets emotional plea to find kidney for dying aunt


Chance The Rapper took to social media on Thursday (May 23, 2019) to post an emotional plea for fans to help find a kidney for his dying aunt.

The 26-year-old used his Twitter account to ask his followers for their aid in helping him locate the organ for his beloved Aunt Toni, who he called “one of the strongest forces in my life”.

“I really need help… she is in dire need of a #kidney,” he tweeted. “We have exhausted all options and have been waitlisted for years. My family believes in the power of prayer and we give this problem up to God.”

In a later tweet, Chance, real name Chancellor Bennett, added: “I’m sorry it was a lil overwhelmingly emotion (sic) writing this, Her blood type is O positive, you can get a quick blood test and physical to find your a match.”

The Red Cross organization describes the O positive blood type as the most common in the world.

Following the Grammy-award winning musician’s tweets, several fans were quick to respond.

“Hi Chance. Please send me a message. In the past few days I have signed up to become an altruistic living donor in Scotland. This seems like it was meant to be. Please let me know if there is anything I can do to help,” one tweeted, while another added, “I’m o+ how do we contact you about it?”

A third wrote: “I’m type O- and would do this in a heartbeat.”

Others who didn’t have a compatible blood type took the opportunity to offer up prayers to Chance’s family, with the rapper expressing his appreciation for the well wishes, as he tweeted: “A prayer really goes a long way.”