Channing Tatum hand-delivers his vodka to shocked customers


Channing Tatum recently thanked customers for buying his vodka by turning up to their house to deliver it in person.

The Magic Mike actor launched his brand of vodka Born and Bred earlier this year (17) and teamed up the makers of alcohol delivery app Saucey, which serves four California cities and Chicago, to surprise Los Angeles shoppers who used the service to purchase his drink.

He streamed one encounter on Facebook Live on Saturday (22Jul17) and in the clip, Channing tells viewers he is doing “a little impromptu liquor drop-off” before getting out of his car with a cameraman and surprising fan Brittany Jones on the street outside of her apartment block. As he approaches, he says, “Hi, how are you?”, to which Brittany freaks out and says, “Holy f**king s**t”.

She tells the actor she went to college with his nanny and admits she has been “drinking all day” before suggesting, “Shall we go bother my boyfriend?”

Channing replied, “Let’s go bother your boyfriend, I would love to bother your boyfriend… As long as he doesn’t hit me, we’re good.”

Brittany repeatedly says “Holy s**t” as they take the elevator up to her apartment. When they reach it, her boyfriend Clayton is laying on the bed and seems quite bewildered by Channing’s presence.

“I’m gonna turn this off so it doesn’t get any more weird,” the star says shortly afterwards, before switching off the camera.

Clayton later shared a selfie of the trio on Instagram, captioning it, “I know there will be a lot of questions, but I don’t have many answers. My new bud @channingtatum just stopped by to bring me and @jonesbrittanyj some @bornandbred vodka. Thanks, @sauceyapp. #getsaucey, everybody.”

They weren’t the only ones left astounded; others posted pictures of their experiences on Instagram, with one user suggesting he did vodka shots with the actor, while another revealed Channing turned up when her boyfriend was in his underwear.

Allie Stockton wrote, “If someone said to @danielbailey1210 last night he was going to have a hangover today, order Saucey, and that Channing Tatum would show up to deliver it while Daniel’s in his underwear in our living room, would he have believed them?”

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