Channing Tatum keen to bring Soderbergh on board for hotel venture

The actor opened a restaurant/bar on the city’s famous Bourbon Street last year (12) and now he is trying to persuade his Magic Mike director Steven Soderbergh to partner in a new venture now the filmmaker is nearing retirement.

Tatum tells WENN, “I want to open a hotel in New Orleans with Steven but he just won’t. He’s got time on his hands and he’s not doing anything anymore so he needs to jump on it.”

But his New Orleans business plans will take a back seat once Tatum becomes a father when his pregnant wife Jenna Dewan-Tatum gives birth.

He adds, “Being a dad will be the biggest role of my life. Hope I don’t screw that one up! I’m really, really excited and I hope to slow down a little bit once the little person comes into the world.”