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Channing Tatum praises brave Magic Mike co-stars

Actor Channing Tatum has heaped praise on his Magic Mike co-stars – because, unlike him, none of them have male stripping experience.

The saucy new movie is based on Tatum’s life as a male dancer in Florida in his late teens and he admits it was tough for him to get back onstage for the film’s revealing scenes – so he can only imagine what it must have been like for castmates Matthew McConaughey and Joe Manganiello.

He says, “I just respect these guys for jumping into the film with both feet and out onto the stage because I’ve done it before and it was still nerve wracking for me.

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“I can’t imagine what these guys had to go through. I wish we had time in the movie to show everybody’s dance because they worked so hard on it. It’s very humbling to get up there where you are left with very little to the imagination in front of almost 300 people.”

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