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Channing Tatum surprised with Hail Caesar! dance number

Channing Tatum struggled to pull off his energetic musical number in Hail Caesar!.
The Hollywood star may be known for his dancing skills, thanks to movies like Step Up and Magic Mike, but singing and tapping across the screen in full sailor uniform was a new challenge for Channing.
“I’d never put on a pair of tap shoes,” he laughed to Britain’s Metro newspaper. “It was only about four sentences in the script that said, ‘He walks into a dance routine’. It was supposed to be on a battleship – and my character does a knee-slide to a bucket. I was like, ‘Great, I think I can do that’. Cut to a few meetings later – now it was a six-minute song-and-dance (scene).”
Channing isn’t the only A-lister to show off a new talent; George Clooney plays “willing imbecile” Baird Whitlock, a big time movie star who gets kidnapped by a group of communist sympathisers in 1950s America.
Josh Brolin is the Hollywood fixer trying to keep the movie studio stars in line, with Ralph Fiennes, Scarlett Johansson, Jonah Hill and Tilda Swinton making up the rest of impressive cast.
Shot by Joel and Ethan Coen, longtime collaborator George was always going to be the lead in their latest comedy.
“He’s the guy that’s always game to do it for us,” laughed Joel, with Ethan adding: “And he wears a leather dress well.”
Clooney, who plays a Roman officer in a biblical epic in the film within a film, previously worked with the Coens on hits like O Brother, Where Art Though? and Burn After Reading, and George always expects to be the butt of the director siblings’ jokes.
“Each time they send me a script, they say, ‘You’re going to play a knucklehead”, he shared. “I remember when they sent me Burn After Reading and they said, ‘We wrote this part with you in mind!’ And it was this jacka**, who has a sex toy in the basement.

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