Channing Tatum taking acting hiatus to turn director

The Vow star will stop taking on movie roles to work with production partner Reid Carolin on a number of new projects.

He tells, “(Reid and I) have about three to four ideas that we love that are all in (the works). By the end of next year, we’re going to shut things down and write the first thing that we’re going to direct.

“We’re going to be like, alright, no more acting parts for a minute, let’s take a few and really get caring about that section of our career.

“I love the steps that I’ve taken acting-wise. That has been a wild sort of exploration. But I don’t want to just keep putting (directing) off for these fun and incredible opportunities.”

Tatum credits his Magic Mike director Steven Soderbergh with helping him understand the filmmaking process: “I don’t think Reid and I would have the b**ls to try to make a movie without learning what we did from Soderbergh and (assistant director) Greg Jacobs. It was like a crazy crash course Cliff Notes (study guide) on directing and how to make movies, literally get them done.”